Modern Interiors for Inspiration + Intention Setting

Happy Monday! Let’s start it on a fresh note, shall we? These images from the stunning portfolio of photographer Wing Ta, aka Canary Grey, are just what the doctor ordered to set the tone for a bright and focused week ahead. I find I’m much more effective when I set a conscious intention for productivity, which can mean anything from a morning meditation, to writing my daily goals and sharing them with an accountability buddy, to a few minutes spent reviewing images and words that resonate with me. Even one of those activities sets a solid foundation for efficiency, but when I complete all three before 9am, I positively sail through my day!

modern wall sconce + leather sofa
So what is it about these images that makes them so powerful for intention setting? First of all, Wing has a way with light that makes me feel at once calm and invigorated—exactly the mindset I like to carry with me as I tackle my to-do’s. Secondly, she’s a master of leaving lots of negative space in her images. Scrolling through her work is like a decluttering session for my brain. And finally, I’ve got major respect for her ability to spot a stylish moment and capture it in time. She sets the bar high and inspires me to rise to it!

simple + pretty home office via anne sage

Of course we all have a different wavelength when it comes to setting intentions, and what works for me might look entirely different that what works for you! Maybe you relate more to vivid and colorful visuals for a peppy and creative workweek, or moody shots for introspective downtime. Play around with the idea and see what you come up with. There are no right answers, just lots of fun to be had!

Images via Canary Grey.