Sticking with a Workout Routine at The Studio (MDR)

Ask anyone in LA: The drive from one end of the city should be avoided at all costs. If you’re going to brave it, you need a darn good reason. That’s why, when I gush to my friends about how hooked I am on workouts at The Studio (MDR), I use my thrice-weekly treks across town as evidence for how awesome it is. When they invariably want to know more, I say, “It’s like Pilates on crack.” Eyes bulge, jaws drop, interests pique.

the studio MDR lagree method Los angeles via @citysage

Indeed, though the studio teaches the Lagree Fitness method with it signature apparatus that looks a bit like a souped-up Pilates reformer, that’s where the similarities to Pilates end. The class is infinitely more challenging, the effects infinitely more powerful, the classes infinitely more rewarding. And while I’ve taken other Lagree classes, The Studio (MDR) has me hooked because it ticks all the boxes for sticking with a workout routine when the going gets tough—and there’s no tougher going than LA rush traffic!

You Get Non-Stop Results: Whatever your fitness goals, be they weight loss, strength gains, or otherwise, a workout routine will only catch hold it’s delivering consistent returns on the time, money, and energy you’re investing in it. The Studio (MDR) has me committed because I see progress with each session. The secret to the studio’s immediate and ongoing results lies in a strategic sequencing of exercises to ensure that you never do the same workout twice, and that every muscle is exhausted by the end of class. My first session was so grueling that I literally fell flat on my face. (Friends who have joined me at the studio agree that it’s the most painful workout they’ve ever done!) However after just a few workouts, my clothes fit looser, my arms looked nicer in tank tops—and even more importantly, moves that had at first eluded me felt more doable. The near-instant aesthetic payoff combined with the increasing athletic satisfaction to keep me coming back. Now, even after five months, I’ve yet to plateau. The workouts are just as tough as when I started, but it’s because I’m able to push myself ever harder. Any routine that keeps you feeling strong and accomplished is downright addictive!

the studio MDR lagree method Los angeles via @citysage

You Cure What Ails You. The benefits of exercise go so far beyond the mirror, and tapping into a motivation beyond any visible transformation will help you maintain your workout regime when resolution flags. About two years ago I began to experience a shooting pain deep in my right hip socket. It took me a while to realize I was suffering from sciatica, and by the time I identified what was wrong it had become a constant throb that prevented me even from hobbling around the block, let alone taking the long runs I so enjoyed. I’d resigned myself just to dealing with it, but within a couple weeks of classes at The Studio (MDR), the pain was nearly gone. The studio’s exacting attention to proper form and technique makes for an incredibly safe yet effective workout. Tons of slow, smooth reps on the Megaformer combine with infuriatingly long isometric holds to build the core strength I desperately needed to improve my posture and joint alignment, thus easing my sciatica considerably. Whether you’re exercising for pain management, stress relief, or just to be able to keep up with your kids better, finding a routine with strong intrinsic values is critical for keeping at it!

You Can’t Wait to Go Back: I’ve sampled countless exercise classes in my time, more than enough to know that most aren’t worth a return visit thanks to snooty self-absorbed instructors and a pretentious atmosphere. It doesn’t matter how great the workout is if you don’t feel welcome and inspired! But at The Studio (MDR), everyone from the owner to the instructors to the desk staff is a genuinely nice person. All fitness levels and all body types aren’t just encouraged, they’re valued as contributors to a caring and supportive community. No one judges me when I show up in my saggy leggings; and everyone high-fives me when I hit a new personal best—or at least give it an honest shot. It’s like having an entire team of cheerleaders at your back, supporting you on your fitness journey. And that’s worth its weight in Quest bars.

the studio MDR lagree method Los angeles via @citysage

So. If you live in LA, find a time when traffic’s quiet to try The Studio (MDR). I promise it’ll soon have you trekking 10 freeway at rush hour without a second thought. If you’re visiting from out of town, the studio’s locations are all close to the beach and perfect for squeezing in a class before you spread your towel on the sand. And at the very least, if your current workout routine isn’t doing it for you, ask yourself if its hitting these notes. Because if you can find one that does, you’ll be a fitness fanatic in no time!

The Studio (MDR) has two locations in Los Angeles, with a third opening next month. Thank you to Carley Rudd for shooting these photos!