Modern Coastal Interiors Inspiration from Worn Store Australia

I’ve got chairs on the brain. This is, of course, nothing new. But they’re even more front of mind than usual lately, as I’m undertaking a living and dining room re-do in our new house. As much as I’m fond of all our old pieces, their scale and proportion isn’t quite right for the dimensions of our current situation: the sofa’s too deep, the table too wide, the media consoles simply not…quite…right. And so, given that I’ll take any excuse to redecorate, I’m jumping at the chance to reinvent our space!

Which brings me back to chairs, and to the striking discoveries that occur when one falls down an Internet rabbit hole in a quest for the best seating! I’ve got my eye on wovens, caning, and bentwoods—all variations on natural materials but with structured, textural constructions—for the blend of organic and modern sensibilities that they lend to a design scheme. So when I stumbled on Worn and their stunning Cane Lounger, I couldn’t hit the bookmark button fast enough!

Worn is an Australian concept store with a brick and mortar location about an hour down the coast from Brisbane, and it’s the epitome of earthy yet sophisticated coastal Down Under style. In addition to their signature bentwood chairs, they also have a gorgeous leather sling chair and a woven cane bassinet that sends my nesting impulse into overdrive. Alas, for now they only ship their furnishings within Australia, but a scroll through their Instagram feed and a peek at their website have enough modern beach inspiration to tide us over ’til their goods make it stateside!

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