Friday Song: The Head and The Heart, Down in the Valley

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Have you listened to the Seattle group The Head and The Heart? I'm awfully fond of them and have been since the release of their first radio single Lost In My Mind. Their sound is like a contemporary version of the music my mother listened to when I was young; I hear the influence of folk and bluegrass instrumentation with a decidedly modern feel. 

Spring inspiration board 2

And now, their second track Down in the Valley has really sealed the deal and made me a fan for life. It opens with soft guitar picking and the rasp of the lead singer's voice; then a fiddle beckons like the promise of a warm embrace. Before you know it, soaring harmonies, a relentless drum beat, and driving piano chords push you forward like a rushing river in the thaw of spring. 

Put The Head and The Heart on repeat. Then do one (or many!) of the following things this weekend: 1) Bake homemade bread. 2) Pack your heavy sweaters with cedar blocks and say goodbye to them until next winter. 3) Spend at least twenty minutes doing nothing at all. 4) Open all the windows and let the fresh breeze of March blow through your home. Happy Friday! xo

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  1. I’ve never heard of them before, but they might be my new favorite band. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We met at the airport leaving Alt this year. I’ve been following your blog ever since I heard you speak. I simply love the way you string words together. Beautiful! Happy Friday to you.

  3. LOVE the head and the heart! They were just here (Milwaukee) a few months back… AMAZING show, highly suggest going if/when they play by you!

  4. earful o soulful goodness!i love the california-oklahoma trail…thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t gotten around to giving them a listen, but I am instantly in love. Thanks!

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