Soft and Striped: Autumn Cashmere Spring 2012


There. Is. Nothing. Better. Than. Cashmere. (Truth.) Cashmere socks, cashmere sweats: I wear that magical fiber probably a little too much. And now with summer coming and these lightweight, stripey-stripe tees and dresses from Autumn Cashmere on my radar, there's no end in sight to the soft and fuzzy power of knitted awesome. 


How to wear and where? How and where not to, that's the question! With jeans, skinny or wide. With shorts, a skirt, over a dress. Prancing in your panties at home on a breezy afternoon. To the farmer's market Saturday, to brunch Sunday, to the office Monday, out to dinner Tuesday. This is all-occasion dressing with pieces you'll have for years. So snuggle in and bring on the sunshine!

Fashion Images: Autumn Cashmere. Other Image Credits: 1. 2. 3. 4.  

  1. As a university student Zoe explored the art of felting with her mother Shyama, who remains her mentor and a source of inspiration.

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