Style Essential: The Slip-On Sneaker

Slip on sneaker style

From 50's film starlets skipping across studio lots in their Keds to 60's surfer dudes hitting the beach in Vans, the slip-on sneaker is no stranger to the fashion scene. In more recent memory, the slip-on appeared in the halls of my high school with sleek "euro" styling courtesy of Puma and Skechers. While I was more than happy to see the tail end of that trend, I'm somewhat delighted with the latest incarnations of this shoe.  

Slip on sneakers

What fascinates me about this season's iteration of the slip-on is how people are wearing them. Of course they still look cute and comfy with shorts or jeans, but they're also unexpectedly darling with a skirt, shift, or even a blazer. And for someone like me, who feels overdressed if I wear anything more formal than cut-offs, it's nice to have a footwear option that gives instant laid-back status to any look. 

Slip on sneakers for summer

As with any hot ticket item, the popularity of the slip-on sneaker means that countless versions are now in stores—and all of them are so fun! Think textures like snakeskin and perforated leather, prints like florals and stripes, and of course classics like checkerboard or tried-and-true white. I'm still undecided on which route I'll take, but I have a feeling once I snag a pair, they'll become my summer staple!  

  1. This sneaker trend makes me so happy. I’ve put my feet through a lot over the years, they’re ready for it!

  2. I bought a pair earlier this year and it has proven to be one of those incredibly smart investments. if you can call a shoe an investment.

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