Shop Visit: Clover Juice

Clover juice shop

As summer nears and the temperatures here in Southern California climb ever higher, I find myself relying increasingly on salads, fresh fruits, smoothies, and juices to get me through the day. After all, who wants to turn on the oven when it’s 100 degrees outside? Fortunately for me, there’s no shortage of enticing juice options popping up all over town.

Los angeles juice shop

My favorite of the bunch is Clover Juice. Founder Cassandra Troy Walker makes fruit and veggie concoctions that satisfy taste buds as much as they do nutrition requirements. Her blends are the most creative I’ve come across (think watermelon/mint/lime, or chia/prickly pear cactus) and she emphasizes juicing as a complement to a balanced routine. Translation: She sells cookies and Stumptown coffee too!

Clover juice los angeles

Clover Juice has two locations in LA, a kiosk on 3rd Street and this cutie-patootie walk-in shop on La Brea. I had a hard time choosing which smoothie to order because I was so distracted by the glowing subway tile, jawdropping industrial light fixtures, and reclaimed wood counters. In the end I went with a chia, date, and almond shake—and I left with my both tummy and my eyes feeling happy and full!