Shop Visit: Anine Bing Store Los Angeles

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Lately it seems that whenever I spot a woman wearing something so fabulous that I'm inspired to stop what I'm doing and track down the source of her outfit, the answer is always the same: Anine Bing. Though the brand is just two years young, its influence has taken the fashion world by storm. And as of this month, Anine Bing has an official physical presence: a gorgeous flagship store located in West Hollywood! 

Anine bing store los angeles

Nestled amongst a bevy charming cafes, bakeries, and boutiques, the shop is exactly the beacon of pared-back Scandinavian design you'd expect from the brand's founder—who herself hails from Denmark and personifies the minimalist rocker chic vibe for which the label is known. The entire spot-on collection is in attendance, from everyday slim jeans and drapey perfect tees, and from beautiful yet wearable silk dresses to badass leather moto jackets.

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The boutique's interior brings to life everything that makes the clothes so covetable. It's simple, it's stunning, and it's the perfect blend of elevated and accessible. Crisp whites and blacks mingle with birch, rattan, and touches of metallic gold. The fixtures feel more like furniture than merchandise displays. The effect is like stepping into the home of someone stylish yet utterly laid-back too.

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And the best part? The sales team is so friendly that you really do feel at home the moment you arrive. When I first stumbled on the shop I was grimy from a day of running errands, but I was treated with the same degree of welcome as if I was dressed to the nines. I wasted no time falling in love with a killer pair of biker boots and getting onto a first name basis with the staff—which will come in handy since I'll definitely be drawn here like a moth to flame in the coming months!

Shop Anine Bing online, or in store at 8130 W 3rd St. Los Angeles CA, 90048. Photo Credit: Thank you to Mercie Ghimire Photography for shooting these images!

  1. I’ve never seen Anine Bing’s beautiful clothes up close and personal, but she keeps getting rave reviews in Norwegian fashion magazines. She’s a great role model for the rest of us who have big dreams – she launched her brand in a new country while simultaneously raising two small children. That surely shows dedication and a high work ethic!

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