A Mountain Cabin Getaway

Forest cabin

As I mentioned on Friday, I rented cabin in the mountains for the weekend. What a fantastic time I had! From the crisp high altitude air to the kitschy rustic decor, I relished every detail and came back feeling so refreshed. I'll definitely use the memories from this trip to take little mental vacations throughout the coming days each time I start to feel my stress levels rise again!

Vintage bedroom

The cabin was built in 1906 as part of a gold mining village in the Sierras—and it shows its age in the most endearing way! The slatboard walls, antique camp furniture, and vintage wool blankets stole my heart, and I spent the first morning there dashing around and snapping photos of every nook and cranny as the dawn sun streamed through the windows. But then I'm happy to say I put the phone down and spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the long, tech-free hours.

Vintage bathroom

The nearby town of Bishop, though small, is not without its charm. For fueling up pre-hike, Jack's serves up hearty breakfast favorites including the best pumpkin muffin I've ever had. Schat's Bakery is a local legend for its breads, sandwiches, and pastries—perfect for stowing in your pack when you head out on the trail. And finally, Looney Bean Coffee roasts their own beans and is a must-stop for caffeine before you hit the road home!

Camp breakfast

My biggest impression from the weekend is how being in nature heightens the senses beyond their normal range. The sounds that punctuate the silence reach your ears with greater clarity. Colors seem more vivid, tastes more powerful, the wind sharper and the sun brighter. It's easier to stay in the moment, to feel the presence of forces that were here before us and that will remain when we depart. I don't know when my next trip will be, but I'm already looking forward to it!   

P.S. For those who are interested, I stayed at Cardinal Village Resort. It's nothing fancy, but the folks are friendly, the rates are decent, and it's perfect for a low-key escape!

  1. I live in suburbia but my house backs up to some extensive parkland. My happy spot is sitting in the living room, watching the birds at the feeders. The deer wander by, singly or in small herds, stopping to investigate what is edible. Foxes streak by, going to their den behind our neighbor’s house. Yes, becoming more attuned to nature helps keep life in balance.

  2. all that i can say is wow. and i feel ya! i just got back from spending 4 nights in maine. hiking, walking during a nor’easter, sleeping with the slider open and hearing the wind, breathing in salt air, and noticing everything that we typically take for granted, like you said. it’s true. we need breathing time. time to be quiet. glad you enjoyed!

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