A Bedroom Makeover with ComforPedic iQ

Grey bedroom

In the fall I moved unexpectedly from the apartment I'd lived in since arriving in LA two years ago. It meant that I had to return the mattress I'd been using to the friends who'd lent it to me. But the universe has a funny way of working themselves out, and the same week I learned I had to find a new house, the kind folks at Beautyrest asked if I'd be interested in giving the new ComforPedic iQ by Beautyrest mattress a try. The only caveat was that I had to include my review as part of a bedroom makeover—exactly the excuse I needed an excuse to get my new space photo-ready ASAP!

Midcentury dresser

As I've mentioned before, the quality of my sleep has declined over the past year thanks to stress and some medical issues. In particular I've been waking up every few hours, so I was interested to see if the ComforPedic iQ by Beautyrest could help me sleep through the night. It's the only clinically tested mattress that responds to your body’s weight and sleeping position without the need for motors. In other words, the self-adjusting Smart Respose Technology provides all-night personalized comfort as well as clean yet thoughtful design. It's even endorsed by natural health authority Dr. Andrew Weil!

Fiddle leaf fig

So how'd it go? My first nights on the new mattress were comfortable, but I did wake up sore for a few days! A quick search of the ComforPedic iQ website told me that it's actually normal to experience an initial adjustment period while your body gets used to a new surface. And now that I've settled in, I'm sleeping very soundly indeed. I still wake up once or twice, but not four or five times like before. Plus the Ultra Cool Memory foam, which is designed to enhance air flow around your body while you sleep, has made a major difference during several heat waves that have hit LA in recent weeks!

Bedroom styling

As for the rest of the bedroom makeover, I kept things sparse to encourage a restful atmosphere. A coat of white paint replaced a questionable shade of mint, white and grey textiles make the mattress even more inviting, and a fiddle leaf fig adds an organic touch. Exposed bulb pendants frame the bed in place of a headboard (stay tuned for the how-to on those!), and I finally got around to hanging some favorite artwork and styling the top of the dresser. It's nothing fancy, mind you, just a welcome retreat that feels like a deep breath at the end of a long day. Exactly what a bedroom should be!

Striped sheets

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review; however all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep The City Sage going! Additional decor resources: Curtains and Planter, Ikea. Tray and Pitcher, Crate and Barrel. Linen Bedding, Matteo. Hanging Pendants, Color Cord Company. Bear and Porcupine Photos, The Animal Print Shop. All else found/vintage.