Shop Local: Arroyo General Los Angeles

Handmade christmas

There are countless businesses under construction in my Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park. Most of them have been in the works for months, their completion delayed by permitting and red tape, and every morning when I walk the dogs I peak behind the scaffolding to see if they've made progress. Then in November I received a lovely surprise during my stroll: a pop-up shop in the most literal sense of the word! For what had been an empty storefront the day before was now Arroyo General, an emporium of fresh produce, housewares, and other handmade goods. 

Handmade wooden spoons

Arroyo General is the collaborative effort of several friends with a passion for craft, quality, and community. Together, the founders of Morning Glory Confections, Knotwork LA, and Pop Produce have created a space where they can not only feature their own work but also that of many other independent growers and makers in the Los Angeles area. 

Organic flower arrangement

And what a space it is, too! A tented canvas ceiling shelters shelves lined with ceramics and wooden utensils; stalls packed with fresh fruits, veggies, and dry goods; and an assortment of stationery, artwork, and other giftables. It's the perfect spot to pick up presents for everyone on your list, from the mom who loves to sip her evening tea from a unique mug, to your friend with a relentless sweet tooth, to the just-married couple who are still feathering their nest.

Handmade ceramics

Beyond the holiday season, I'm grateful to have Arroyo General as an alternative to the supermarket for last-minute meal ingredients. I'm carefully rationing the honey I picked up there, savoring the flavor of sweet nectar drawn from a jar printed with the zip code where it was harvested—a zip code that matches my own exactly. If a shop can delight and satisfy this thoroughly in its first few weeks, then who knows what the future holds!

Air plants

Visit Arroyo General at 5028 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042. The concept behind this shop might be that of a general store, but it's a unique and special addition to the neighborhood!

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