Holiday Hair Tutorial: An Easy Short Hair Updo

Hair tutorials are one of my favorite things to shoot and share here on the blog. Admittedly, it’s partly because I have the easy job of sitting in front of the camera while someone else does the real work. But the main reason is that I’m always on the hunt for ways to do my hair beyond my go-to ponytail. My quest has intensified ever since I cut my hair into a long bob at the end of the summer. An easy yet interesting style for short hair is worth its weight in gold!

Short hair updo tutorial

So I’m super excited to bring you this short hair updo tutorial that I created in collaboration with 1011 Makeup and Dana Grant Photography. The finished result looks elegant and intricate, yet it’s actually very quick and straightforward. It has a soft and ‘un-done’ appearance, and it would be perfect for a holiday party—if you’re prepared to receive a ton of attention, that is!

Soft and pretty short hair updo tutorial

The above tutorial speaks for itself, but here are the steps just in case. You’re going to be creating three “knots” down the center of your head. Pull the top third of your hair back and divide into two sections. Twist them around each other then tease the twist with a comb. Tuck it under itself to create the appearance of a twisted knot, then secure with a bobby pin and spray in place. Repeat with the second third of your hair, then the final third. Pull a few pieces loose to soften the style, spray one more time, and voila! Brace yourself for an onslaught of compliments!

Images by Dana Grant Photography. Hair by Erica of 1011 Makeup.

  1. I love this! It was perfect for a concert I sang at, and really easy. Thanks!

  2. such a cute idea! I’m going to use this for these hot LA days. Thanks for the tutorial!

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