DIY: How to Make a Boutonniere with Taylor + Taylor

How to make a boutonierre DIY

How come only grooms and prom dates wear boutonnieres? Like gloves, hats, and pocket squares, boutonnieres used to be a mainstay in the dapper gent's accessories wardrobe—and I for one think they're due for a comeback! This February 14th, why not send your Valentine off to work with a flower pin of your own making? With this tutorial you can learn how to make a boutonniere in a flash! 

How to make a boutonniere

This butonniere DIY comes to us courtesy of my dear friends Jessica and Jonathan Taylor, the husband-wife team behind Taylor + Taylor. Operating for years as Disregarden, the two have recently taken on a new name and united their services under one umbrella. Taylor + Taylor offers expertise on everything from interiors and home staging to props rentals and floral design. They whipped this project up so fast it made my head spin!

How to make a boutonniere tutorial

To make a boutonniere, select one focal blossom of medium size, a supporting blossom of small size, and a sprig of berries, and a few stems of leafy greens. Additionally, you'll need floral wire and cutters, floral tape, and finishing ribbon. Trim a piece of wire the lenth of your focal blossom's stem and then cluster remaining foliage around it, layering so that the leaves and taller stems are situated towards the back of the boutonniere. Wrap stems together floral tape to secure, then cover the tape with a ribbon and tie. Pin to your sweetheart's lapel and seal with a kiss!

Photos and boutonniere DIY courtesy of Taylor + Taylor.