Online Home Decor Shopping with MEUS

Soft + pretty decor

Do you have a piece in your home that brightens each day? Maybe it's a family heirloom, a one-of-a-kind flea market find, a travel souvenir…or maybe it's simply a curio that brings a smile to your face for no particular reason at all. For me it's a pair of teeny hand-carved salt spoons that I picked up at a boutique in my neighborhood. They're utterly frivolous, yet I delight so much in them!

Simple + pretty style inspiration

This pleasure we take in our unnecessary essentials has inspired a charming new online shop. Called MEUS (pronounced 'muse'), it's founded on the belief that joy is the sum of our smallest, most understated details. Owner Marichelle has stocked her virtual shelves with wares ranging from linens to ceramics, accessories to apothecary goods. A wholesome sweetness characterizes the selection—and each piece is primed to become your next daily delight!

P.S. MEUS also has a lovely Instagram feed!

  1. This is so exciting, thank you so much for featuring our shop!!! We’re so excited to be on your beautiful site! – Marichelle

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