Spotted: The Single Pink Accent Pillow

Pink pillow decor

It started with a single specimen. Then two. Then slowly, gradually, over the course of the last few months, more and more appeared until they seemed to be popping up everywhere I turned. No, I'm not talking about fleas—though with four pets I've battled more than my fair share of those too. I mean the suddenly-everywhere trend of the Single Pink Accent Pillow (or SPAP for short). These days I can't scroll through my Pinterest feed without spotting one!

Pink accent pillows

At first I dismissed it as a stylist's trick, a way to focus the eye and add interest to an otherwise neutral space. Charming, to be sure, but too contrivedly chic for me. But then at a bedding sample sale I snagged a bargain on a lonely pink pillowcase that had been separated from its mate. Suddenly I was thrust into the realities of SPAP ownership. Was I cool enough? Would my decidedly minimalist bedroom welcome the interloper? Or would the whole thing feel like a total sham (ha!)?

Pink throw pillows

Several weeks later I can say that the SPAP is not just surviving but thriving in its new home—and it's so much more than a decor device. Not only do I feel a thrill of delight each time my eyes land on it, I'm also making my bed with more consistency each morning just for the excuse to position that plump pink pillow in its place of honor. And as my mother will tell you, anything that convinces me to make my bed deserves high praise indeed!    

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