Humidity Proof Hair: A Summer Updo Tutorial

Easy + pretty short hair updo tutorial

Beach trips, bike rides, barbecues…gosh, I love summer! My hair, however, does not. Between the sun's harsh rays, the air conditioner's arctic blast, and my sweat glands' enthusiastic output, the bad hair days quickly outnumber the good. And while ponytails and baseball caps do have their time and place, work meetings, date nights, and weekend weddings definitely don't fall into that category. I need a little summer hair help in a big way!

Easy short hair updo tutorial

So when Living Proof reached out to me with their new No Frizz Humidity Shield, I had two thoughts. The first was, "Ooh! This is the perfect excuse to create a summer hair tutorial for all the gals out there like me, the ones whose locks lose their luster by Labor Day!" Then the second was, "Back the tutorial truck up, Anne. You have straight hair and live in a dry climate. What the heck do you need with a humidity product?" While I know that thick, curly hair types balk at moisture in the air, I've never considered it a problem of mine.

Easy updo for short hair tutorial

Yet as I learned with a little research, all my summer hair woes—the flyaways, the limpness, the dull finish—can be prevented with the Living Proof No Frizz collection. The weightless, silicone-free formulations wrap a shield around each strand to leave hair looking smooth and polished without feeling heavy or greasy. In other words, it's the perfect complement to this easy updo tutorial for summer. No matter how hot and humid the weather gets, you can commute with confidence or dance the conga at your cousin's wedding, because this look will survive the dog days with ease!

Soft + romantic short hair updo tutorial

I've labeled this as a short hair updo tutorial, but it works for midlength hair as well. If you have straight locks like me, you may want to add texture with a curling iron. Start by spritzing with Humidity Shield for a lasting, weightless frizz prevention, then clip top half of hair out of the way. Backcomb remaining bottom portion and pin to one side as shown. Loop ends in on themselves and pin to secure. Repeat with top portion of hair as shown, then tuck and pin any loose strands into place. The result is a double French twist that looks undone and effortless, yet can be dressed up or down as the situation demands. Plus it really stays put. If you try it out, please snap a pic and share with me on Instagram. Keep cool and happy styling!

Tutorial by Erica of 1011 Makeup. Photos by Dana Grant Photography. Disclosure: I received compensation for creating this post in collaboration with Living Proof, but all opinions are my own and I only work with brands I truly believe in. Thank you for supporting the companies that enable me to bring you fresh content every day!

  1. This is the perfect undo for me! If I don’t put my hair up in the humidity, it gets frizzier than words can describe, haha. Definitely trying this soon.

  2. So great to see an updo that isn’t designed for thick, waist-length hair! This looks beautiful and doable. Thank you!
    (Love that gauze dress so much!)

  3. I must admit I’m afraid to put my hair up using anything other than a ponytail holder but this looks so beautiful! I will try!

  4. can I just say how beautiful your back is in these photos?!

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