Staying Fit During the Holidays with The Studio (MDR)

We’re halfway through December. If you’re anything like me, that snooze button is calling louder every morning, and your goals of staying fit during the holidays have started to slide like icing off a gingerbread house. But not to worry! The good news is that it isn’t too late to put down the fudge and pick up a healthy routine. While I’m definitely prone to all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to working out and eating right, the truth is that we needn’t go to impossible extremes in an effort to avoid the holiday spread. Since October I’ve been sweating at The Studio (MDR), a fitness studio here in LA that boasts a super effective (and therefore super addictive!) regime. The workout itself is killer, but the studio’s overall approach is centered on balance and moderation. So I asked founder Lisa Hirsch to share her top three tips for ringing in the New Year ahead of the resolutions game!

1. Schedule your workouts in advance. This tip applies throughout the year, but its especially important during a busy and social time like the holidays. You’re much more likely to follow through with something that you’ve already planned. Get those workouts in your calendar and set an alarm so you can’t forget! (Anne’s Note: Bonus points if you schedule those workouts for the morning, a major disincentive to overindulge the night before!) 

holiday fitness tips for staying healthy through the holidays! via Anne Sage

2. Focus on quality over quantity. Again, the holidays are an incredibly busy time, so trying to exercise six days per week is unrealistic and unnecessary! Since founding The Studio (MDR) I’ve seen how a highly efficient workout like ours—done three days a week—has put me in better shape than when I was in my 20’s and going to the gym every morning. (Anne’s Note: Quality applies to effort, too! You’ll see better results from three workouts at full exertion, rather than more frequent sessions that you kinda phone in.)  

holiday fitness tips for staying healthy through the holidays! via Anne Sage

3. Don’t skip meals! Since this time of year means cookies and candy in abundance, make sure you are eating full, healthy meals on a regular schedule. Not eating earlier in the day makes it that much more tempting to reach for the sweets at 3pm! (Anne’s Note: This one is key for me! I don’t just get hungry when I skip meals, I get irritable too. Since nothing spoils the holiday cheer like a blood sugar crash—and since holiday schedules can be somewhat unpredictableI keep healthy snacks in the car and my purse for unexpectedly long intervals between meals.) 

holiday fitness tips for staying healthy through the holidays! via Anne Sage

It’s amazing how just a few small actions can add up to success! I can personally attest to the power of scheduling workouts in advance. When I visited my parents in Toronto last week, I scheduled two sessions at a studio with a workout method similar to the one Lisa offers at The Studio (MDR).  Not only was I so proud of myself for working out on my travels, I also set the tone for healthier food choices on the road too. It was a really cool feeling that I highly recommend! Oh, and speaking of recommendations, if you’re in LA you must check out The Studio (MDR) for the most challenging and most rewarding workout of your life. Here’s to feeling healthy and strong, all season long!

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