Modern Shower Curtains + Bath Mats from Quiet Town

There are so many household items that we never stop to think about until we’re in a pinch. Take shower curtains. We’ve probably all bought more than our fair share of cheap plastic ones in those “oh crap we just moved in and we need to take a shower now” moments. Because hey, it works right? Then years go by with the same serviceable item hanging around, until suddenly the need for a bathroom upgrade (hosting the in-laws!) makes you realize that you’re still using the same moldy vinyl abhorrence you’ve had for years. Only then, with a deadline looming, does the dearth of well-made, stylish shower curtains rear its head.

modern boho shower curtain via @citysage

The Brooklyn husband-and-wife duo behind the just-launched brand Quiet Town were tired of the “hey, it works” purchases they found themselves repeatedly making for their home. So they stopped to really think about shower curtains—and bath mats too!—and from their rumination a line of ethically and sustainably produced bathroom accessories was born. Their shower curtains feature standout details like brass grommets, 100% organic cotton, and graphic color blocking that swings modern, boho, coastal, or traditional to suit your fancy; and their bath rugs are handwoven in India at a facility certified by the EU for labor safety. In fact Quiet Town is on a mission to transform every bathroom purchase from mundane to magnifique, so follow them on Instagram for new product releases and peeks behind the design process. And ditch that plastic shower curtain once and for all!

Images courtesy of Quiet Town.