Minimalist Office + Bookshelf Styling Inspiration

Last week, we emptied Ivan’s sad, makeshift home office to make way for a fabulous new built-in situation! I was away on a photo shoot all day while the install was taking place, and it was such a thrill to come home to the completed result. It was exactly as I’d originally envisioned and then some! I can’t wait to share it, and will likely do a small sneak peek on Insta stories, but in the meantime I’ve got some serious styling to do in order to get it photo ready!

I had fun picking out furnishings like the desk chair and a small leather daybed so the office can serve as a guest room; those items are on their way to me now! What I’m still undecided on, though, is how I should style the shelves and the desk. I’m leaning towards the minimalist office inspiration in these images here—but reining myself in will be the tricky part because there’s lots of built-in shelves to style and I can so easily go overboard! Between now and when we photograph the space, I’ll be combing the shops and the local flea markets for small ceramics vessels, unusual artwork, and desk accessories with clean lines and strong silhouettes—and then we’ll see how I do when the shoot day comes. Stay tuned to see how well I manage to recreate this look!

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