Gift Guide: Inspired Finds for the Restless Decorator

The truth about decorating your home is that it’s more of a journey than a destination. The thrill of the hunt, the delight of an unexpected find, the satisfaction of a growing collection, and the curiosity of exploring new layouts and arrangements: As any design lover will tell you, these are the real joys of transforming a house into a home. If you’ve got someone on your holiday list who always seems to be adjusting and evolving their space, then indulge their never-ending nesting with one of these simple yet infinitely useful interior design tools!

  1. A constant supply of engrossing art books means an endless rotation of freshly styled vignettes. Charcoal Book Club offers photo book subscriptions for fresh coffee table fodder delivered monthly—plus it’s a great way to support the work of emerging artists!
  2. Any design nerd worth her salt wouldn’t be caught dead without her measuring tape. (Once, at a party, I was using the restroom and wanted to measure the host’s perfectly proportioned marble vanity—but alas was without my measuring tape. I haven’t left the house without it since!) This leather measuring tape would be a nice upgrade from the standard plastic or metal ones, wouldn’t it?
  3. Because I switch up my scented candles so much, I’m actually loathe to buy full-size ones since I get bored of the fragrance long before I burn through it. Maison Marie Louis’s Le Bouquet Candle Set  includes three of the coveted brand’s most popular scents, in mini containers for the fragrance-ADD amongst us!
  4. A wide, shallow bowl is the constant redecorator’s best friend; switching up its look is as easy as swapping oranges for lemns or pinecones for pomegranates! The Echasse Bowl from Menu is one of my longtime favorites, with modern lines and a warm brass stand making for a chic, sophisticated statement—whether the bowl is empty or brimming with beauty.
  5. Wall calendars are like watches. In the digital age, they’re certainly not necessary, but they’re a nice style statement nonetheless! Turn the pages of the 2019 modern art calendar from Argentinian artist Eloisa Iturbe and reveal a stunning new graphic design each month, then frame them all at the end of the year for an impressive gallery wall display! 
  6. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve spotted a color in the wild but been unable to find its match when I went to the paint store, I’d be on vacation in Bali instead of writing this blog post! The ColorReader Pro is a portable, handheld device that determines the exact color of any surface you touch it to, then connects via bluetooth to your phone to identify a coordinating paint shade from amongst every major paint brand. No more close-but-no-cigar color palettes!
  7. Every January I resolve to buy myself fresh flowers more often—they’re the quickest way to bring life and cheer into a room!—and by February I’ve falling off the flower wagon. The Bouqs offers flower delivery subscriptions ranging in frequency from bimonthly to weekly (yes, weekly!) so you can brighten the home of your favorite decor lover as often as your heart (and wallet) desires.
  8. The only thing worse than being caught without a measuring tape is stumbling upon a potentially perfect piece for a space and not having your paint and fabric samples handy! This polka dot linen folio has pockets and elastic bands to corral swatches for an in-progress design, plus a refillable notepad for jotting inspiration as it comes! 

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