Gift Guide: Last Minute Foodie Finds

We’re down to the wire for holiday shopping! I still have a few last gifty goodies to pick up, because it always seems that no matter how organized I’ve been, it’s impossible to cover all my bases in advance! My go-to’s this late in the game are almost always food related, because a) who doesn’t love food and b) even on Christmas Eve it’s still possible to craft a thoughtful, intentional gift that doesn’t scream last minute. Here are my fave combos, all of the easy to create with whatever you’ve got available in shops near you!

1. A super high-quality olive oil, like California-based, woman-founded label Brightland olive oil, pairs perfectly with a crusty loaf of bakery-fresh bread and a bottle of aged balsamic vinegar.

2. Thank goodness for Amazon prime (or, you know, an actual bookstore), because who wouldn’t love to receive one of the year’s most celebrated cookbooks? Wrap a copy of Ottolenghi Simple with some of the exotic spices required to create the Middle Eastern recipes contained within!

3. Beautiful wood cutting boards are easily found at most kitchen and housewares stores, and when teamed up with a selection of small batch cheeses from a local gourmet grocery, they make for a gift that gives now and later too!

4. Mixologists are just foodies in liquid form! Grab some pretty glassware, a bottle of whisky or gin, and an herbal bitters set for the amateur bartender on your list, then offer to help them taste test their in-development recipes!

5. Artisinal ice cream brands are popping up all over lately, and none are better than Salt & Straw in my book. Place an order for their ice cream subscription Pints Club, then let your lucky recipient know by handing them a locally purchased pint with an ice cream scoop and a promise to lend your sundae making skills throughout the year.

6. Chocolate is basically my love language, especially from top notch labels such as the traditionally made Taza. Their stoneground Mexican chocolate sampler is brilliant for baking, hot cocoa, or eating plain. Bring a bottle of red wine to wash it down with and you’ll be lauded as the best gifter ever!

7. Fancy salts are having a moment, and for good reason too—they take even the tastiest dishes to the next level! Gift a selection of salts with a pretty ceramic salt cellar for your favorite home chef who loves to nerd out on all the latest food trends.

8. Even the most committed foodies need a break from holiday indulgence, right? Order Sakara’s 10-Day Reset to arrive in the new year, and present the receipt in a gift card with a bottle of green juice. (Then go make a cocktail with that juice because 2019 isn’t here just yet!)

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