Lately Loving: Global Decor from Accompany

Global design

Have you ever visited somewhere truly exotic? My travel history has been downright ordinary, aside from a couple long-ago trips to Europe—and even those were more average than adventurous. I've always admired people who could fearlessly pack their bags for lands unknown like Africa, India or Southeast Asia, places where I imagine the light, the colors, and the culture to have qualities wholly unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Global decor inspiration

I think this is why I'm so taken lately by globally-inspired decor. The longer I go without a vacation, the more I crave sensations outside my usual pervue. If I have to be tied to my computer all day, at least I can bury my toes in vibrant Moroccan rug, rest my head against a pillow embroidered in India, and sip my coffee from a mug crafted by artisans in Peru. 

Global decor finds


The selection of internationally sourced homewares at Accompany is especially enticing, like the online equivalent of a stroll through a bustling bazaar. And because Accompany draws its goods entirely from ethically-minded sources, you know you're supporting sustainable industry and the rich traditions of countries around the world. All without leaving the couch!


Shopping Guide: 1. Pink Tinware Mug 2. Green Tinware Mug 3. Embroidered Pillow 4. Alpaca Striped Throw 5. Olive Wood Salad Servers All images via the must-follow Instagram of Woodnote Photography.