Fall Essentials: A Little R&R

Cozy for fall

The temperatures here in Southern California are finally dropping below scorching, and I've been relishing the opportunity to reach into the back of my closet for the sweaters, jackets, and boots that have been languishing since last March. With the cooler weather I feel an increased desire to stay home, watch movies on the couch, read in bed—you know, the usual signs of hibernation instincts kicking in!

Autumn inspiration

Along that line of thought? I've been listening to some fantastic meditiation podcasts, and one of the things they have me more mindful of is the frequency with which I'm extremely critical of myself. So I've been giving myself permission just to be as nice to myself as I am to my loved ones. And it turns out that fall is especially conducive to relaxing into those small indulgences!    

Cozy fall essentials

Truthfully, it's less a matter of what you do for yourself and more a matter of noticing with all your senses and feeling grateful when you do it. I'm trying to pay extra attention to the softness of slipping my feet into shearling slippers, the subtle pleasure of a scented candle burning in another room, the crisp feel in the air on the first day it's chilly enough to wear a knit hat. I'd love to hear from you guys: What are your favorite little treats as the days grow shorter? 

Shopping Guide: 1. Eberjey Romper at True & Co. 2. Numi Tea 3. Scrabble Mug 4. Krochet Kids International Knit Pompom Hat 5. S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask 6. Cable Knit Cardigan 7. TOMS Nepal Suede Booties 8. Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest Candle Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7

  1. A walk outside in the crisp cold air with no agenda but seeing the beauty of Central Park and then a steaming cup of earl grey as soon as I get back.

  2. I am starting studying I like getting into the library getting set up and reading – I treat myself to chai lattes and a sauna on the way home. I listen to Efterklang’s primiada (I dont know why but it is my winter album)
    I too am trying not to let the external get to me, the self doubt has hit me hard recently.

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