Get Organized: Sugar Paper 2014 Planners at Target

Sugar paper 2014 planners

In junior high, at the beginning of every school year, the teachers would pass out planners and lecture us students on the virtues of being organized. By November I'd always abandoned any hope of tracking my assignments. But for those first few months I relished the satisfaction of color coding each subject with gel pens, writing the day's tasks in my neatest script, and noting every friend's birthday months in advance—usually with gold star stickers to mark the date. 

2014 planner

So when I got my hands on Sugar Paper's new collection of 2014 planners at Target, I was instantly transported back to the good old days of lockers and backpacks, French class and homework. I've never lost my soft spot for paper and pencil (No. 2 lead, please!) so flipping through the gold ring binding on these babies is a treat indeed!

Sugar paper at target

The ladies of Sugar Paper have been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. They're just so gifted at what they do. In addition to these kraft and metallic charmers at Target, they have their own range of notecards, journals, wrapping paper and more. From each carefully chosen typeface to the playful spirit that the whole brand exudes, they make it a pleasure to KIT—Keep It Together, that is! Now may I please borrow your purple gel pen?

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  1. Waaa…I have been looking everyday at my local Target and they still don’t have these in!

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