How to Wear It: The Ankle Strap Bootie

Freda salvador booties

Maybe it's my German heritage, but I'm a big fan of compound words. How many giggles and groans have we gotten from terms like jeggings, snedge and slanket? Usually these words are funny to say, not so pleasant in real life. Take cankles, for example. It rolls off the tongue so hilariously! But if you've got ankles as thick as your calves you're probablI not laughing. My lower legs are pretty muscular—the German in me again!—so I definitely feel for the cankled amongst us.

Tie dye scarf

I used to think that my strong legs prohibited me from wearing certain styles, including anything with ties or straps at my 'problem area'. But as with anything in fashion, proper fit and proportion can make even the trickiest situations feasible. Take this Freda Salvador ankle strap bootie. The straps circle the narrowest part of my ankle, delivering the same slimming effect as a belt around the waist. As well, a pointed toe helps create the illusion of longer legs.

Drop waist dress

You definitely want to show off shoes this unique with a skirt or dress. Keep the hemline just above the knee—again because you want your lines to hit at the points where your body is most narrow. A hand-dyed scarf by Carley Kahn keeps the eyes moving. Dark tights would transition this look nicely to winter. Now if only we could solve the problem of jeggings this easily.

Photos: Meghan Klein. Meghan has a gorgeous new website that you MUST check out!

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