Lately Loving: Pineapple Prints


I’d like to thank the intrepid islander who, thousands of years ago, decided to get past the pineapple’s intimidating exterior and reveal the sweet, juicy reward within. The forbidding fruit is up there with flip flops and barbecues as one of my elements of summer. With pizza, in salsa, and on the grill: whenever there’s a party in your mouth, pineapple’s happy to join the fun.

Pineapple style for summer

My love of pineapple reached epic proportions when I traveled to Hawaii a few years back. Several times daily, attendants would circle the pool with platters of fresh local pineapple. I may have pushed toddlers wearing swim floats out of the way to be first in line. The taste was so sublime, it was easy to see how the fruit became a symbol of hospitality in the Renaissance. Heck, I’d let even the sketchiest looking guy in the door if he arrived bearing a pineapple or two!

Pineapples for summer

So I’m pretty stoked to see that this tropical wonder is enjoying a moment outside of the fruit bowl. The print is showing up everywhere from tanks and shoes to artwork and iPhones. Which means you can shout your fondness for pineapple from the rooftops—without the accompanying knife artistry required to skin, slice, and serve our spiny friend!

  1. I also have a love for pineapples! Gray Malin has amazing pineapple prints and last year I purchased the most adorable crocheted pineapple purse.

  2. I just put a pineapple painting in my shop! Such a happy fruit.

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