Writing a Book + Healing After a Divorce on ‘One Part Podcast’

Last week I chatted with the amazing Jessica Murnane for her One Part Podcast, and the interview is now live! Jessica had reached out to me after reading the intro to Sage Living and wanted to know more about the journey that led me to write the book. We chatted about the relationship between our interiors lives and our interior design, the fear of being alone, healing after a divorce, and so much more. I’m not sure how we packed so much honesty, vulnerability, and humor into 45 minutes, but I guess it’s a testament to what a great interviewer Jessica is! It was a pleasure to share some of my story with her, and a delight to join the ranks of smart cookies she’s invited to One Part Podcast thus far. Check out my interview and then be sure to listen to the other entries in the One Part Podcast series. There are tons of great thoughts and reflections to keep us grounded through this busy and chaotic holiday season!

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  1. I am going through hard time and this podcast helps me not to feel alone. Thanks!

  2. I loved having you on the podcast so much. Please come back again! We can talk about dogs, cool rugs, and less heavy things. Thanks for sharing your story.

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