neutral home office with built in bookshelves

A Neutral Home Office Built for Sleeping on the Job

If you ask me, the best part of working from home is wearing pajamas all day. So when my client said she wanted to design a neutral home office she could take a nap in, I was all about it!

As far as her workspace, she needed the basics, like a desk for her computer and storage for writing utensils, notecards, and other odds-and-ends. But more than anything, my client wanted a special space to call her own, whether for work or rest. So we took that to the next level and literally built in some R&R.

Check out how we customized this neutral home office to generate some inspiration for your work from home space. 

Recreate this Lux, Neutral Home Office Look

striped fabric wall treatment

Once a diehard boho enthusiast, my client now wanted a more sophisticated, paired-down version of bohemian design for her new home office. We chose to keep the design clean and contemporary, then subtly added back the warmth and texture that’s signature of boho.

These are some of my favorite details that bring this lux design together:

white oak bookshelves

Fabric wall treatment. As the room’s focal point, the lounge wall needed to pop. We chose to install a fabric wall treatment across the entire wall, even behind the built-in shelves. The linen softens the space and invites relaxation on the sofa, upholstered with the same fabric in a slightly different colorway. The graphic wall feature is almost a trompe-l’œil, a design technique that creates the illusion of three-dimensions, as the couch seemingly pops out of the wall. 

neutral home office

California Closets built-in bookshelves. Admittedly, I got pretty persnickety about the built-in bookshelf design—I wanted all lines on the fabric and shelving to be perfectly harmonious. Every line needed to match up precisely, from the striped seam on the sofa button to the ledge on the bottom of the two pull-out drawers. If even a single line was out of place, the entire design would have looked off-kilter.

standing height desk

But beyond aesthetics, I also wanted the shelving to be highly functional. California Closets helped design the two built-in drawers beside the sofa that hide outlets and a mini printer for a utilitarian yet streamlined design. I can’t recommend California Closets highly enough, by the way. They’ll work with you to help bring your vision to life and maximize functionality along the way. 

fabric wall treatment

Boho window treatments. To contrast the sharp, modern lines of the shelving, we needed to bring in some texture and warmth for a hint of boho. The woven, beachy vibes of the window treatments take me straight to Tulum. Plus, the greenery, woven desk chair, and Moroccan rug all provide additional boho flair without consuming the entire space. These window treatments are Everhem’s Woven Wood Shades in the color Khaki.

standing desk neutral home office

hidden storage under desk

Counter-height desk with hidden storage. My client wanted a standing desk with the option to sit, so we outfitted a counter-height desk with a counter stool to fit her needs. Using California Closets, we also incorporated some hidden storage under the desk—yep, that wall feature is actually a set of 4 shallow cabinets! They provide lots of great storage and hide unsightly office items, like power strips.

We also continued the fabric treatment on the wall behind the desk, then put a limewash on the opposite wall. The suede, velvety finish of the limewash perfectly complements the rough linen fabric. We even mounted a piece of sheet metal behind the fabric to be used as a magnet to pin notecards for storyboarding! 

I hope you’ll steal some of these ideas from this lux home office for your office space. Here’s how you can get the look:

neutral home office get the look

1. White Oak Bookshelf 2. Striped Sofa 3. Ticking Stripe Wallpaper 4. Coffee Table 5. Moroccan Rug 6. Woven Rattan Chair 7. White Oak Desk 8. Abstract Artwork 9. Table Lamp