Thanksgiving Table Inspiration with Elizabeth Messina and Sunday Suppers

Brace yourselves for a tw0-part (or even three-part!) post so chock full of Thanksgiving table inspiration and holiday entertaining ideas that you’re definitely going to want to grab a pen and take notes! Earlier this fall I joined forces with my wonderful friend Elizabeth Messina to host one of Sunday Suppers’ Sobremesa dinner parties for a handful of lovely […]

15 Ways to Practice Kindness This Thanksgiving

Ever since the election I’ve become acutely aware of how mean we can be to each other on a daily basis. In addition to the displays of hate we’ve all seen on the news, I’ve heard countless stories of heated interpersonal conflict stemming from our political situation. Old “friends” sending each other vitriolic text messages; family members vowing […]

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Table Decor Inspiration

Oh boy, oh boy! Thanksgiving is so close that I can practically smell the pie and stuffing in the oven! While the holiday is 90% about food and family for me, I reserve the other 10% for my excitement over setting the table. And I especially love creating festive Thanksgiving table decor on a budget! Which is exactly what I […]

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Inspiration!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be sitting down to a feast this week! If you’re still looking for Turkey Day menu inspiration, here’s the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer, a tangy holiday cocktail, and a pumpkin creme brulee for dessert. I’ll be spending time today and tomorrow with family in Reno, but expect me back with a full […]

Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers: “The Perfect Bite”

I have spent my life on a noble quest for that most elusive and alluring of entities: the perfect bite. My search lies dormant for much of the year only to be renewed with assiduity at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The concept is so simple—with all my favorite foods on one plate, surely it shouldn’t be difficult […]

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration + 20% Off from Accompany!

Even though Thanksgiving is a distinctly American holiday, I love the idea of incorporating a global influence into your holiday decor. Especially when so many unique decor products from around the world are the work of artisans who can use our support. What better way to celebrate our own bounty and also share it with […]

Cashew Cream for Dairy-Free Desserts This Thanksgiving

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Cooking for a crowd is tricky to begin with, and that's before you factor in everyone's dietary restrictions and idiosyncracies. These days it's hard to keep track of who's dairy-free, who's gluten-free, who's sugar-free, you name it. And while a host certainly needn't provide for all dietary sensitivities, it […]

Scenes from Thanksgiving: My Holiday Table Setting

I mentioned before Thanksgiving that my family would be hosting twenty guests for our big turkey dinner. The meal turned out beautifully, everyone had a blast, and there were plenty of leftovers for stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches! I thought I’d share a couple photos of how my mom and I set our table, because we […]

Books for Thanksgiving Reading

In the chaos of cross-country travel, the conflicted emotions that surround large social gatherings, and the dischord over which cranberry sauce to serve, it's easy to forget that while Thanksgiving is indeed a time to enjoy the feast, it's also a chance for reflection. As author and physician Jan Chozen Bays writes, "Somehow, when we […]