vintage kitchen tools

A Commemorative DIY Book with Blurb

When my grandmother passed away last July, she left quite a legacy. From her ability to coax a flourishing flower garden from a desert landscape to her appreciation for a good practical joke (she once sent my uncle a box of dead mallards when her beloved Cal Bears slaughtered his Oregon Ducks in football), she was […]

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bedroom styling via anne sage

Beauty Tips and Inspiration with The Wink by Clinique

What’s your go-to beauty resource? I can’t say that I have one. I’m so easily overwhelmed by all the product reviews and makeup tutorials out there! As for keeping up with the trends, I’m woefully behind. Hand me a contouring brush and I’d probably use it to dust my bookshelves, not to powder my face. […]

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romantic industrial dining via anne sage

Decor Shopping + Garden Inspiration at Rolling Greens Los Angeles

Is there a shop in your town that you frequently drive past and think, “I’d better not go in there because I’d probably want to buy everything.” Months go by with you eyeing it lustily from your spot in traffic. Then finally, you take the risk and sure enough, you discover that you were 100% […]

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gourmet gluten free pizza via anne sage

3 Easy Gourmet Pizza Recipes with Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza

Pizza is a powerful food. People will do anything to get it. Remember the ability of a pizza party to galvanize your 3rd grade class into completing whatever task was assigned? It’s also universally loved. I’m confident that I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like pizza.(Confident because I’d definitely remember that meeting, and I’d probably […]

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easy braid hair tutorial via anne sage

A Gorgeous +Easy Half-Up Side Braid Hair Tutorial

Until now, my control-freak ways bave left me reluctant to bring on contributors around here. But when my longtime blogger friend Natalie Goel of Like Fresh Laundry sent along this pretty and easy hair tutorial, I knew it was time to relax the iron-fisted hold that has ruled for so long. You know, for the […]

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minimalist boho style via anne sage

Sustainable Fashion + Neutral Boho Style with Accompany

I have a ton of respect for anyone who can pull off boho style in their everyday life. Here in LA, there’s no shortage of lithe, willowy women strolling through the grocery store in printed caftans, or pumping gas in kimono robes. Whenever I try the look, I’m utterly overwhelmed by the heady combination of pattern, color, and […]

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wardrobe rack in black and white bedroom

An Italian Designer’s Home + a Styling and Photography Workshop in Italy

I’ve shared with you plenty of details from the Annette Joseph styling and photography workshop that I attended last summer in Italy. But I’ve been keeping these pics in my back pocket until now. Annette just opened enrollment for next year’s June 8-13 workshop, and if you need a nudge to sign up before it sells out, think of these images […]

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romantic minimalist living room

Two Must-Follow Instagrams for Style Inspiration

We all have that friend. The one who buys a white sofa with full confidence that it will remain in mint condition forever. Who wears white tees and dresses with impunity, even while eating chips and salsa. She’s always artfully yet effortlessly put together, and she makes life look easy. As much as we’d love […]

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Coffee Making Essentials for National Coffee Day

How do you get your daily coffee fix? Are you patient and methodical as you pour perfectly heated water over your carefully measured beans? Do you wake up and hit ‘brew’ on the Keurig so you can get that sweet java into your system as quickly as possible? Or can you manage to wait until you […]

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white on white outfit

Custom Artwork and Moon Paintings by Claggie

Did you catch last night’s lunar eclipse? The sky over my house was cloudy for almost the entire thing, and I was totally bummed as I’d really been looking forward to the event! I’m not much of an astronomy buff myself, but I do have deeply engrained memories of my dad pulling out his telescope […]

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