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Exclusive Calligraphy Print and Digital Download by Colore Grace

“Remember who you are and what you represent.” This was the phrase that my great-grandfather always said to my grandmother as she left the house. She in turn said it to my father and his brothers, then later to my cousins and me. I can still hear her voice delivering these words when I went […]

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My Favorite Three Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of holiday stress. Even when I have the best intentions, I can quickly slide into a crabby, cranky place that spoils the fun for myself and everyone around me. I then make matters worse by heaping on the judgmental self-talk: “What’s wrong with you, Anne? It’s the […]

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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Inspiration!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be sitting down to a feast this week! If you’re still looking for Turkey Day menu inspiration, here’s the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer, a tangy holiday cocktail, and a pumpkin creme brulee for dessert. I’ll be spending time today and tomorrow with family in Reno, but expect me back with a full […]

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The Whiskey Rose: A Holiday Cocktail from By Kara Elise

Guys! Thanksgiving is almost here! I always look forward to this holiday, but I’m more anticipatory this year than ever. Tonight I’ll be hopping a plane to Reno where much of my family lives. It’s our first Thanksgiving since my grandmother’s passing, and while it will be tough without her, I’m incredibly grateful that I get […]

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Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers: “The Perfect Bite”

I have spent my life on a noble quest for that most elusive and alluring of entities: the perfect bite. My search lies dormant for much of the year only to be renewed with assiduity at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The concept is so simple—with all my favorite foods on one plate, surely it shouldn’t be difficult […]

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Minimalist Winter Layering with Hunter Boots + Zappos

The drought here in California has reached pretty dire status, which is why I’m pretty excited that El Nino is predicted to bring us plenty of rain this season. Sure, there’s concerns about flooding and whether our water-starved environs can handle a sudden influx of moisture, but anything is better than being parched. And since forewarned […]

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Hudson Grace at the Brentwood Country Mart

Lately it seems that every week in LA a new boutique opens, stocked with fabulous finds just begging to hop into my car and accompany me home. The most recent addition to the shopping roster is at once fresh and familiar. An offshoot of a store that’s been making waves in San Francisco for a few years, it’s called Hudson […]

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Elegant + Easy Friendsgiving Ideas with IZZE

Friendsgiving is pretty much the best holiday to come along since National Donut Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and I adore sitting down to a bountiful Thanksgiving meal with them. But my friends? Well, they’re the family that I’ve chosen, and there’s something extra special about gathering together to honor how grateful we are […]

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French Vintage Decor Finds + A Discount Code from Elsie Green!

Once I finished the arduous process of writing Sage Living, I got to do something really fun: compile a list of my favorite decor resources for the back of the book! Although it was hard to narrow down just a few, I didn’t think twice about including Elsie Green in that roundup. For years the Bay Area-based […]

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Smart + Sassy Graphic Tees from MNKR Brand

Do you have any brands that you love simply for how fun they are? They’re the ones that comprise your no-brainer happy outfit, and that incite a little dance of glee when you learn they’ve released a new collection. That’s how I feel about MNKR. Ever since I discovered the brand a few years back, I’ve been following along with […]

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