striped dress and straw hat via @citysage

Beyond the Sailor Shirt: Striped Summer Style

I did a big closet clean-out last week and confirmed something I already suspected: a sizable chunk of my wardrobe is striped. What’s more, it’s not just striped but the same kind of striped, that classic sailor stripe that’s always en vogue and that brings an effortless ‘French Girl’ touch to any outfit. Seeing my stack […]

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authentic Italian pesto recipe via @citysage

Authentic Italian Pesto Recipe from The Prince of Venice

Ever since I returned from Italy last month, I’ve been inspired to add more variety to my weekly menus. The impetus comes largely from seeing how simply yet deliciously they eat in Italy. Dining there really drove home for me the idea that interesting, nutritious meals don’t need to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming to prepare. […]

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soft blush with red and brass accents via @citysage

Global Summer Decor Update with Maresca Textiles

While I love globally inspired interiors, the mix of patterns and colors often runs counter to my more neutral design sensibilities. So I’m always looking for that happy medium of worldly restrained—and I’ve found it in the work of Maresca Textiles designer Kathryn Maresca. Her hand-printed fabrics combine understated patterns with soft and inviting hues, and […]

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Build an Endless Eyewear Wardrobe: Rent Sunglasses with Ditto

Last February I had LASIK surgery and ended my 10-year codependent relationship with prescription glasses. As great as its been to come out from behind my glasses I do sometimes miss the instant accessories cred that my eyewear collection gave me. Nothing completes an outfit like a memorable pair of frames! To fill the void, […]

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minimalist living room with linen sofa + brass lamp via @citysage

A Linen Sofa Love Affair with Cisco Home

Remember last winter’s factory tour of Cisco Home in Los Angeles? Ever since I got a chance to see the magic behind the curtain of this handmade eco-friendly furniture company, I’ve had a serious soft spot for their particular approach to homewares design and construction. So when the warm weather hit and I decided it was time […]

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Tools for Slow Living at Hold General Store

Although I spent half my childhood in Canada—in Toronto, specifically—I’ve never been to the western part of the country! I’ve certainly heard all the rave reviews of the scenery , of course, and I’m dying to take a trip one of these days. My list of must-see spots just grew longer with the discovery of […]

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Two Must-Follow Instagrams for Summer Outfit Inspiration

In my continually ongoing effort not to resort to cutoffs and tees every darn day, I’m always on the hunt for new ways to wear the pieces I already own. There’s no deeper well for fresh fashion ideas than Instagram, but the trick of course is to follow stylish snappers whose sensibility matches your own. If you […]

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simple summer beauty via @citysage

Summer Travel Beauty Essentials

As if summer didn’t bring with it enough beauty woes—the breakouts, the sunburns, the split ends—summertime travel adds a whole ‘nother layer of sticky, sweaty skin and haircare concerns. That vacation glow can easily fade when the realities of hotel hard water, big city pollution, or mountain mosquito bites hit. Plus the full-size beauty arsenal in our […]

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minimalist silk maxi dress via @citysage

Sustainable Silk Dresses from clémence

Yesterday marked a major achievement for me, you guys. In the morning I changed from my pajamas into a dress and then didn’t get back into PJ’s until it was time for bed. Usually I can hack street clothes for barely an hour at a time, so my sartorial endurance felt noteworthy indeed. Granted, the only way I was […]

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modern ceramic planter + potted succulents via @citysage

Simple Modern Home Goods from Everything Ren

The online world of handmade and independent decor is an ever-growing one! While it certainly makes for a diverse landscape, the field can sometimes feel so vast that a quick trip to Target seems easier than hours spent combing the web for gems. That’s why it helps to know a few pickers whose great patience equals their great taste—like the proprietors […]

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