minimalist clothing storage wardrobe rack + wishbone chair via @citysage

Join Me for Mother’s Day Goodies at Cuyana!

It’s always fun when an Internet-based company plants roots with a brick-and-mortar store, especially when its one whose clean and thoughtful aesthetics are so lovely to behold as Cuyana‘s! If you’re in the LA area this weekend and you’ve not had a chance to check out the brand’s Venice shop—or even if you have and […]

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flower collage with roses via @citysage

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is kind of a funny holiday. Growing up in my family we never did much to celebrate; my mom was one of those “just spending the day with you is gift enough for me!” types. But for my fiancé’s family, who hail from Mexico, the occasion marks one of the most important all-hands-on-deck gatherings of […]

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spring stripes + glove shoes via @citysage

Modern Summer Style Staples from Mr. Larkin

This past weekend I spent time with my impeccably dressed friend Chloe, who has a magical ability to make even the most unexpected pieces look chic. Saturday was no exception, as Chloe breezed into the room wearing a floor-length white dress made of heavyweight sweatshirt jersey. I demanded to know the designer behind this outfit, which […]

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brass round bathroom mirror via @citysage

New Spring Decor from Schoolhouse Electric

I may have switched to digital for my receipts filing and romance novel reading, but just as I’ll always splurge on glossy magazines, I will never abandon the heady anticipation that accompanies each season’s round of catalogs. Opening the mailbox to discover pages packed with shiny new offerings from my favorite interiors brands is like unpacking […]

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handmade scented candles a mother's day giveaway from @citysage

Mother’s Day Giveaway: Homewares from Small Gunns

A while ago I picked up a scented candle from San Francisco-based homewares company Small Gunns. It’s been sitting on my dresser ever since, where the combination of its fresh, sunshiny scent and its charming label make me smile every time I pass it. I know you guys will love Small Gunns too—whenever I post a […]

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muscat grape + rosewater cocktail via @citysage

Spring Cocktail Recipe: The Muscat Rose

For about three weeks every April, I’m in fruit junkie heaven. It’s then that my number one favorite, Muscat grapes, enjoy their all-too-brief harvest period. If you’ve never had Muscats, you must track them down. Their flavor is subtle, less tart than common table grapes, and their texture is like a burst of pale, juicy sunshine. […]

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quiet town modern boho shower curtain

Modern Shower Curtains + Bath Mats from Quiet Town

There are so many household items that we never stop to think about until we’re in a pinch. Take shower curtains. We’ve probably all bought more than our fair share of cheap plastic ones in those “oh crap we just moved in and we need to take a shower now” moments. Because hey, it works right? Then years go by […]

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karen walker sunglasses + all black outfit

Round Sunglasses for a Spring Style Update

Last February I got laser eye surgery and it’s been so refreshing not to wear my glasses every waking hour. Another bonus of the procedure? Not having to factor in the cost of my prescription every time I buy sunglasses! When I emerged from the operating room I had visions of an expanded sunglass wardrobe dancing […]

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brass and marble hairpin leg table via @citysage

American-Made Modern Furniture by Katy Skelton

Happy Monday from High Point Market in North Carolina! I’m here at the interiors industry’s largest trade show, where I’m one of this year’s Style Spotters. It’s been my honor to roam the market and round up my favorite trends for a panel discussion taking place tomorrow. From modern furniture to traditional decor and everything in […]

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spring brunch table ideas + seasonal spring menu via @citysage

Spring Brunch Ideas for Easy + Inspired Seasonal Entertaining

There’s no question that Spring is my favorite season! From Easter to Mother’s Day to the many spring birthdays—including my own!—the months between March to June feel like one big celebration. And lucky for us, Mother Nature follows suit, providing an abundance of buds, blossoms, and greens plus fresh, energizing foods for all our gatherings. […]

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