denim on denim with suede block heel sandals

Summer Style Essential: Block Heel Sandals

One of my favorite fashion memories is my graduation from flats to heels. It was the 9th grade and I was headed to New York City for the first time—a touristy trip with the school orchestra to take in iconic cultural offerings like Blue Man Group. Of course such a remarkable voyage as this required […]

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built-in seating with moroccan wedding blanket pillow via @citsage

Summer Decor Styling at the World Market Beach House

This post was created in partnership with World Market. If I had to pinpoint the beginnings of my design obsession, I’d trace them back to the trips I used to take with my mom to World Market. In those days we called it Cost Plus, and the brand’s locations were much fewer and far between than they […]

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My Real Life Morning Routine

Social media is guilty of creating a lot of myths about the picture-perfect lives we’re all “supposed” to be living, from the moment we wake up until the moment our heads hit the pillow. The idea that we’re all meant to greet the day with a morning routine that includes latte art and avocado toast is especially entrenched, one that I’ve played my […]

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modern rustic kitchen via @citysage

Kitchen Design Inspiration from deVol Kitchens

I’ve just spent the morning at Light Lab, where the buildout of my new creative studio and event space is coming along… smoothly as I’ve learned to expect these things to go. With the bathroom more or less complete, we’ve moved on to the kitchen design installation and phew! It’s nuts how one never appreciates the […]

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cookbook love via @citysage

New Spring Cookbooks for Healthy Menu Planning

We’re tightening our belts in my household—in the watching our spending, keeping to a budget sense of the saying. Between our upcoming wedding and my Light Lab studio buildout, we’re shouldering considerably more significant costs than usual so a few financial tradeoffs are in order. While it’s hard to trim the fat when you’re not extravagant to begin with—we don’t go out […]

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Essential Basics from Arthur Apparel

There’s a lot to be said for doing only a few things but doing them really, really well. Like how In-N-Out has cornered the market on the classic burger/shake/fries trifecta. Or how Le Creuset has mastered the art of the Dutch Oven. Another case in point is Australian basics label Arthur Apparel, whose minimalist ethos extends from their designs to their small […]

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textured and simple bedroom via @citysage

Home Staging Styling Lessons + The Platform Experiment

With the Southern California real estate market booming, home staging is a burgeoning business here in LA. I’ve got mad respect for home stagers who do their job well. Not only is major muscle required to furnish an empty house in short order, but there’s a particular art to doing it in a way that feels […]

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beach inspired summer outdoor entertaining via @citysage

Outdoor Dining Inspiration with Pier 1 Imports

Every year when the days grow longer and the evenings grow warmer, I love the transition from eating meals inside to enjoying them outside. Not only does dining al fresco make every bite taste better, but the house seems to triple in size as soon as we incorporate the yard into our routine! Since every square inch is precious when you’re living in 600 […]

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sarah sherman samuel pink marble wallpaper via @citysage

Introducing Light Lab: A Los Angeles Event Space + Creative Studio

I’ve never been great at sitting still, especially on my career journey. When I left my post as cofounder of Rue Magazine in 2012, writing a book seemed like the next milestone to cross off the list. Now, with that achievement under my belt, I’ve turned my attention to an even bigger endeavor. Since December I’ve been working […]

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minimalist clothing storage wardrobe rack + wishbone chair via @citysage

Join Me for Mother’s Day Goodies at Cuyana!

It’s always fun when an Internet-based company plants roots with a brick-and-mortar store, especially when its one whose clean and thoughtful aesthetics are so lovely to behold as Cuyana‘s! If you’re in the LA area this weekend and you’ve not had a chance to check out the brand’s Venice shop—or even if you have and […]

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