winter cocktails // anne sage

Entertaining Essentials: Host an Oyster Shucking Party!

Fresh off my trip to North Carolina, I’ve been reminded once again that folks do things a bit differently in the south than here in go-go Los Angeles. The days move a little more slowly; the cocktails and the laughter flow a little more freely; and maybe it was just me, but the sun seems to […]

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mudcloth pillow // anne sage

Global Texture + Pattern with Mudcloth Pillows from Mae Woven

I’m writing this post on a plane from Charlotte to Los Angeles, my feet sore and my imagination full after five days touring the furniture and decor showrooms at High Point Market. I spent my time at in North Carolina exploring the up-and-coming design trends and seeing them interpreted in myriad ways, all the while taking […]

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simple white dining nook with oversized animal art // anne sage

Animal Portrait Prints from Kingdom by Randal Ford

Those closest to me know that the fastest way to cheer me up when I’m glum is to show me anything to do with animals. A koala gif or a squirrel meme are an instant antidepressant, and if there’s a news story about a rescued bear cub then I’m on a high for a week. Because […]

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70's style bell sleeve tunic + bellbottom flare jeans // anne sage

The Science of Fashion: Minimalist 70’s Style

Friday is here! I’m at the airport to catch a plane to North Carolina, where I’m repeating my role as a Style Spotter at this season’s High Point Market. I’m super excited to get a peek at what’s coming down the pipeline in the world of interiors, especially because my Toucan Sam nose is telling me […]

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grapefruit + champagne whiskey cocktail recipe // girls' night in with a whiskey tasting and cocktail party // anne sage

Grapefruit Whiskey Cocktails for a Girls’-Night-In with Snowe

Growing up, I didn’t have a ton of friends. I was always more likely to spend time with one or two uber-close pals than a big gaggle. As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve come to appreciate both sides of the equation: the intimate bonding sessions with just a few other women and the high-energy gatherings of a group. I […]

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cozy bedroom knit throws for fall // anne sage

Decorate for Fall with Knit Throws + Bedding from Morrow Soft Goods

One of the surest signs of fall at my place is the appearance of Throw Mountain. When the weather starts to cool, I pull our heavier weight blankets from storage and put them into rotation on the sofa, at the foot of the bed, and over chair backs throughout the house. Inevitably they all seem to […]

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silk bomber  + white maxi dress // anne sage

Edgy Organic Modern Jewelry from Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Jewelry is probably one of the biggest holes in my wardrobe. Other than my engagement ring, there’s nothing I wear every day—and I’m always forgetting to pull from my paltry collection when I’m getting dressed in the morning. What it largely comes down to is how huge and overwhelming the jewelry landscape is. There are […]

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minimalist styling + best of fall beauty products // anne sage

Best New Fall Beauty for a Minimalist Routine

The ramp-up to the holidays is real, you guys. It’s not even Halloween yet I’m already talking with family, friends, and colleagues about our Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. I’m determined this year to keep things as sweet and simple as possible, and I’m laying the foundation for a stress-free season with a renewed commitment to my minimalist […]

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rustic cabin dining room // anne sage

Nostalgic + Chic Vintage Decor from Schoolhouse Electric

It’s that of year that a snap of cold greets me when I climb out of bed each morning, and it always makes me nostalgic for the northern climes of my childhood. Though I grew up largely in Toronto, my family is originally from Reno, and trips to Tahoe have been a part of our traditions since long […]

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simple minimalist food and beauty styling // anne sage

How to Stay Healthy All Winter Long with Wellness Coach Lacy Young

I’ve got the sniffles. And the sneezies. And the achey, coughy, wheezies. I’ve pretty much always taken it as a given that around this time of year my immune system starts throwing in the towel—because seasonal colds and flus are just a part of life, right? Well, maybe not so much. According to our resident […]

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