holiday kitchen decorating with open shelves // anne sag

Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen with

When it comes to holiday decorating, the kitchen is one of the most overlooked rooms in the house—yet from baking cookies to serving up a family feast, it’s the one we tend to spend the most time in during the festive season! This hardworking room deserves a festive update just as much as the rest of the house, […]

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long vest over trousers and cropped sweater // anne sage

Introducing a New Fashion Series: Two Girls, One Kit!

One of the things I love most about Light Lab is that it’s the physical representation of multiple minds coming together to create something greater than themselves. My BFF Caroline Lee and I have been collaborating for years, so to spend these last 12 months combining our two very different aesthetics into a community space […]

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christmas candle + holiday decor // anne sage

Mood-Boosting Winter Decor + Gifts from Ingredients LDN

When the daylight hours decrease and the holiday stress mounts it becomes ever more important to carve out time for self-care and soul nourishment. I of all people know the extent to which our homes can support us in being our best selves (I literally wrote the book on the subject!) so I get really […]

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simple white bathroom styling // anne sage

The Perfect Bath Book with Waterworks Co-Founder Barbara Sallick

Have you ever been to a Waterworks store? It’s basically like walking into heaven, if heaven were the most glorious bathroom you’ve ever seen in your life. From tiles to textiles, fittings to fixtures, the 38-year-old company specializes in every detail you could possibly desire to create the ultimate spa escape in your very own home. […]

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grey wool statement coat // anne sage

The Science of Fashion: Styling the Everyday Statement Coat

Happy Monday! I’m writing this blog post through the inevitable fuzzy haze of a red-eye flight. After spending the weekend unpacking and getting settled in the new house, I hopped a plane to Toronto where I’ll be visiting my parents for a few days. The trip was booked on a whim, the result of some […]

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simple holiday decor in an entryway // anne sage

Elegant and Simple Holiday Decor Park & Oak

Happy Friday! The holiday season is officially upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! Yesterday we did a major push with our move-in and we’re right on track to be set up in the new house by the end of the month—which means we’ll have plenty of bright, shiny, clean halls to deck come December! I’m always […]

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christmas mantle garland // anne sage

15 Ways to Practice Kindness This Thanksgiving

Ever since the election I’ve become acutely aware of how mean we can be to each other on a daily basis. In addition to the displays of hate we’ve all seen on the news, I’ve heard countless stories of heated interpersonal conflict stemming from our political situation. Old “friends” sending each other vitriolic text messages; family members vowing […]

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easy thanksgiving centerpiece idea // anne sage

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Table Decor Inspiration

Oh boy, oh boy! Thanksgiving is so close that I can practically smell the pie and stuffing in the oven! While the holiday is 90% about food and family for me, I reserve the other 10% for my excitement over setting the table. And I especially love creating festive Thanksgiving table decor on a budget! Which is exactly what I […]

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modern white sofa with global black and white pillows // anne sage

Affordable Modern Designer Furniture from Capsule Home

How often does it happen that you’re flipping the pages of your favorite shelter magazine and fall in love with a piece of furniture, only to realize it’s a custom commission that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars and is available only to the trade? Anymore, I just assume from the get-go that pieces I […]

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army jacket + ruffled dress with red bucket bag // anne sage

The Science of Fashion: Minimalist Ruffles + A $500 Fashion Giveaway!

Oh boy, you guys, do I have a good one in my Science of Fashion Series for you today! The holidays are barreling towards us like a runaway gingerbread freight train (mmm…cookie train) and with them comes the eternal question of WHAT TO WEAR! There’s no end to the holiday dressing conundrums we face each […]

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