pastel accessories for spring via @citysage

Pastel Accessories for Spring from Cuyana

Every year as winter fades and we inch closer to spring, pastels sing their siren song. This year it sounds even sweeter—and louder!—what with soft shades of blush, mint, and sky trending so hard all fall and winter that it seems they never left us. The resulting mood is less a celebration of pastels’ return […]

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industrial loft bedroom with platform bed via @citysage

A Visit to the Cisco Home Furniture Workshop

Remember in elementary school how field trips were the days you looked forward to all year? Nothing beat the chance to leave your desk, to learn and explore, to peek behind the curtain and gain special inside access—all while racking up bonus points for your report card! I enjoyed some major field trip flashbacks last when when I had […]

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black coffee minimalist photography via @citysage

Podcast Interview on Raise Your Hand Say Yes

Have you ever listened to a podcast interview by Tiffany Han? Tiffany is a career and branding coach who specializes in creatives + entrepreneurs, and her Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast has featured such inspiring women as artist Lisa Congdon and OG blogger Erin Loechner. I was thrilled to sit down with Tiffany earlier this month! […]

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cozy boho bedroom with great textures via @citysage

Two Stylish Instagrams to Follow for Cozy Winter Inspiration

We humans are suggestible creatures. It can be a dangerous trait, like when your intentions to cook a healthy dinner take a detour down a mac ‘n’ cheese rabbit hole on Pinterest. Or when a 50% off announcement lands in your inbox and suddenly you’re shopping instead of doing your taxes (raises hand guiltily). Yet we can use our suggestible natures to […]

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creamy kale vegan salad dressing is made with green juice for even more veggie goodness! via @citysage

Creamy Kale Vegan Salad Dressing with Kale Blazer Juice

While I’m a picky eater in some regards, I’m happy to say that I never met a vegetable I couldn’t love. Brussels sprouts? Bring ’em on. Mushrooms? The slimier the better. And as for kale, well, let’s just say that my love affair with the leafy green wonder knows no bounds. But even as a […]

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the turtleneck tuck and how to master it! via @citysage

Winter Style: The Turtleneck Sweater Tuck

As a card-carrying history nerd, I’m fascinated by trends and how they begin. Some we can trace to distinct origins—like that time back in 1660 when Catherine de Medici decided that the fork was the must-have utensil of the season. (Aside: If Instagram had existed back then, would the #forkie have been a thing?) But most trends […]

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inspirational quote via @citysage

An Update on My Self-Love Resolution

We’re a month into 2016 and the shine has officially worn off the new year. I figured it was time for an update on my sole resolution: to cultivate self-love and learn to be kind to myself. Statistically speaking, most New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past MLK Day. So I’m pleased at least to report […]

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cafe gratitude venice via @citysage

Natural Skincare + Wellness: The Detox Market at Cafe Gratitude

Not so very long ago, the options for natural skincare and beauty were few and far between. I can remember the health food store my mom used to shop at when I was a kid, the aisles lined with things like carob chips and dried seaweed. The few body care products were always relegated to a couple […]

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stowaway cosmetics kit via @citysage

A Giveaway for Stowaway Cosmetics’ Right-Sized Makeup Kit!

When was the last time you finished a lipstick? I’m pretty sure I never have. I did, however, recently toss a half-full lip gloss that I scored at a White Elephant gift exchange. In 2010. Yup, I’ve been dragging that sucker around for five years, long-since bored of the color and truly beginning to question the health […]

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floating nightstands for small bedroom storage

Floating Nightstands for Saving Space in the Bedroom

Anyone who has lived in a city for any length of time can tell you that the greatest interior design luxury isn’t a freestanding tub or a Viking stove. Nope, it’s storage. With zero closet space to speak of, we small-space dwellers are forced to create our own storage—and because those storage solutions stare us in the […]

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