white kitchen with patterned tile backsplash

Unique Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration from Fireclay Tile

Is it just me or is tile enjoying a renaissance lately? From colorful Moroccan-inspired mosaics to subdued, tone-on-tone grids, innovative tile installations are turning up everywhere from showers to fireplace surrounds—and Fireclay Tile is leading the charge with their groundbreaking approach to custom ceramic tile. At Light Lab we worked with Fireclay to create our black and white […]

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modern dining room with wood pendants and bentwood chairs via @citysage

6 Under-the-Radar Design Instagram Galleries to Follow STAT

It never ceases to amaze me that Instagram is such a wealth of inspiration! I love stumbling upon a stylish gallery that is as yet undiscovered by more than a few thousand people—and there are so many of those hidden gems out there! Every time I fall down the rabbit hole and find myself immersed […]

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cropped boot cut jeans with raw hem and gold loafers via @citysage

Cutting Edge Fall Shoes from FREDA SALVADOR

Do you have brands whose every move you watch like a hawk? Labels from whom you’d buy entire collections if only you had unlimited funds? Companies whose values, voice, and visuals embody everything that you yourself stand for? I have a few like that, and FREDA SALVADOR is one of them. Ever since the brand debuted their edgy yet wearable shoes in […]

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moody food styling via @citysage

Moody Still Life and Food Styling for Fall

How often to you create something just for the sheer pleasure of it? I’m sorry to say that I only do it rarely. I’ve got grand ideas about creative hobbies I’d love to pursue—I’m dying to take a pottery throwing class, for example, and I’ve been wanting for years to brush up my piano skills—but it […]

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Creating the Glam Modern Bathroom at Light Lab

Yesterday we dove deeper into the mix and match dining setup at Light Lab, and today we’re turning our attention to the glammy modern bathroom we teamed up with Wayfair to install. To say it’s a scene stealer is putting it mildly. Because its reputation proceeds it (thanks Instagram!), first-time visitors to Light Lab rush […]

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white molded eames shell chairs via @citysage

Mix & Match Dining Style with ATG Stores at Light Lab

Did you catch the big studio tour of Light Lab on design*sponge last week? Now that the space is more or less finished, we’re excited to be putting it out into the world! I’ve got the back story on some of our favorite elements—and since one blog post can only go so deep into a seven […]

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mesh sweater tank via @citysage

Textural Modern Knitwear from Micaela Greg

Sure it’s in the high 90’s here in Los Angeles and much of the rest of the country. But that’s just one more reason to let our imaginations wander towards the cooler climes of fall and all the fashion goodness that it brings! The September issues are starting to hit the stands and I’m eagerly […]

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grey bedroom with wall sconce via @citysage

Meet Ramble + Wolf, A New Must-Read Travel and Lifestyle Blog

One of my favorite things about writing my book (which is coming up on the first anniversary of its release!) was getting to know the homeowners who welcomed me into their houses and their lives for a spell. Since then, it’s been so fun continuing to follow their journeys through the magic of the Internet! […]

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modern chair and arc lamp via @citysage

Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatments with The Shade Store

The world of window coverings is a wide and overwhelming one. Whenever I dip my toes in those waters, I’m immediately flummoxed by the seemingly zillions of options. In every room of my house I’ve defaulted to the path of least resistance, gauzy white linen sheers on a plain iron rod. In the spaces that don’t allow for […]

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Easy grilled eggplant via @citysage

Easy Italian Grilled Eggplant

Italians are very serious about lunch. Well, admittedly Italians are very serious about every meal, but they’re especially passionate about a long, lingering midday repast for which all other activity screeches to a halt. Their approach to this meal is wholly different from the one we take here in the US, where a sandwich at our desks or a smoothie in our […]

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