Luxe Minimalist Style from Elizabeth Suzann Fall 2015

This week, temperatures in LA have taken a nose dive. Instead of sweltering our way through triple-digit days, we’re enjoying balmy highs of 90. No, it’s not enough to make me trade my cutoffs for a cardigan. But combine the more manageable weather with the fact that it’s officially September and suddenly I’m able to have […]

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sage living book

Preorder My Book ‘Sage Living’!

I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I’ve yet to make an official announcement so here goes: You guys! My book Sage Living is coming out on September 15th, and it’s available for preorder now! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more about the concept of the book, as well as the process of writing it. For […]

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Support a Renovation of the Covenant House Youth Shelter in Los Angeles

I regularly share service projects that touch my heart in the hope that they’ll resonate with you guys as well. Today I’m excited to ask for support on one that I myself am involved with! A community group I’m part of is undertaking a major upgrade of Covenant House, an LA organization that provides shelter, health care, and life skills education […]

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modern backyard style

A Modern Backyard Makeover with Move Loot

For my entire adult live, I’ve lived in apartments…until now, that is! Not long ago I moved in with my boyfriend, and we currently share a tiny craftsman bungalow in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood. For the first time since leaving my parents’ house I have freedom from noisy neighbors, my own washer and dryer, and—wonder of […]

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room service

Thoughts on Travel Anxiety with Headspace

Have you ever struggled with travel anxiety? You know, that queasy feeling that grows stronger as a trip approaches until you find yourself wishing you could just stay home? My stress around travel has caused me some serious consternation—and cost me some serious cash!—over the years. But lately I’ve been pushing through it, with positive results! I wrote about […]

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french girl style

A Party to Shop the Madewell Fall Collection!

  I have this one pair of jeans that just works. They pair perfectly with everything in my closet, and no matter how I’m feeling they lift my spirits—and my butt! You’d think this high praise would go to the $300 fancy-pants denim I splurged on last spring, but they’re just my humble Madewell skinnies from […]

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houseplants and modern planters

Houseplants and Modern Planters with Popup Greens

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had delivered? I once placed an Amazon order for industrial strength boric acid, a replacement pack of sonic toothbrush heads, and four pounds of sprouted brown rice. I giggled ferociously at the thought of that box being intercepted! But the truth is, these days we can have just about anything brought straight […]

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shelter dog portraits

Exploring the Human Animal Bond with Finding Shelter

The relationships we have with our pets are so simple, precious, and pure. With animals there’s nothing to prove. We can be fully ourselves with the knowledge that they’ll accept us exactly as we are. All they ask in return is the same infinite measure of unconditional love. What’s more, with their silly doggie grins and […]

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modern ceiling light

Artisinal Modern Design by Made in Americana

There’s no doubt that I’m pretty handy around the house when I put my mind to it. I can hang pictures, paint a room, sew curtains. But that’s a far cry from being able to create something from nothing: to imagine it in my head, draw up plans,  and fabricate a physical object that’s the concrete […]

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playful + modern home office

A Fresh New Blog Design!

Surprise! Welcome to a brand new blog design! With the release of my book Sage Living just around the corner, a visual overhaul seemed like the perfect way to celebrate. After all, I’ve been using the same template since launching this blog in 2008—and I was starting to feel like a thirty-something who’s still wearing her high school […]

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