bucket bag + birkenstocks for summer via @citysage

Summer Style Essential: Bucket Bags

While I was away in Europe, summer arrived with a bang in Los Angeles. I returned home to soaring temps and blazing sunshine, the sort that brings sunburnt, peeling noses and sweaty backs of knees—and that banishes all thoughts of clothing as anything but a regrettable social nicety that stands in the way of being […]

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black and white photography artwork

Accessible Art + Collecting with Public House of Art

Art is one of the most powerful—and the most perplexing—components of home decor. It’s an architectural layer unto itself, with the ability to add personality and energy in a single stroke. Swapping out art, without changing anything else, can alter the entire mood and style of a room! Yet the world of art can be […]

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black and white tile mosaic via @citysage

Ancient Roman Design Inspiration at Pompeii

After almost 24 hours en route, I arrived home in Los Angeles last night. Now begins the period of jet lag (definitely not my fave!) and of reflecting on the sights and experiences of the past two weeks in Italy (definitely my fave!). After two weeks abroad, I’ll need at least few days to parse out […]

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summer dahlia wedding inspiration via @citysage

Spring Street Social Society X Light Lab Dinner Party

Immediately before I boarded a plane to Italy, a very exciting event went down. Light Lab, the creative + event space I’ve been working on in LA, hosted our very first event—and it was a rousing success! Together with Spring Street Social Society, a members-only organization that hosts unique suppers and gatherings around the country, we held […]

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culottes for summer via @citysage

Summer Style Essential: Culottes

When culottes first started showing up in shops, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My longtime associations with the style center around either sensible lady uniforms—think meter maids and scout troop leaders—or grannies in Easy Spirit loafers. Even as the traditionally dowdy trousers started to trickle farther down the fashion chain for this year’s summer style, I had […]

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loggia dei lanzi florence via @citysage

Hidden Florence Shopping and Dining

The Italy adventure continues! After two days in Florence, I’m headed to Rome where I’ll meet up with my parents for five more days of sightseeing. My dad is a history buff which means we’ll be hitting all the cultural attractions, big and small; and it also means that if I wanted to get any […]

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vintage neutral bedroom via @citysage

Florence B&B: Valdirose Charming Rooms

Ciao da Firenze! That means ‘Hi from Florence’ in Italian. I’m picking up a few key phrases in my travels here, most of them involving key inquiries like, “Where are the bathrooms?” and “How much does that cost?” Thankfully, since I have no way of understanding the response in Italian, everyone replies in English and […]

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traditional italian tiramisu recipe via @citysage

Traditional Italian Tiramisu Recipe

Hello from Italy! I’ve just completed the first leg of my trip, a photo and styling workshop in the Riviera with the amazing Annette Joseph. Before I hop a train to Rome to meet with my parents for further explorations of this incredible country, I absolutely must share these photos from my favorite part of the past […]

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warm white and wood bedroom via @citysage

Photo Styling Work: Crate & Barrel + Brittany Snow’s House

Every once in a while an email lands in my inbox that makes me jump out of my seat a little, and such was the case when I was recently asked to do some photo styling on location with Crate & Barrel. The project centered around actress Brittany Snow’s house, which the brand had furnished […]

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ayurvedic + aromatherapeutic face oils from UMA Oils via @citysage

Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals with Uma Oils

My love of beauty oils is well documented, and I’m continually discovering new ones to include in my primping routine! The latest addition to my bathroom cabinet is Uma Oils, which not only harness plant and flower oils to leave skin healthy and glowing, but which also put to use ancient Ayurvedic beauty practices and aromatherapeutic […]

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