halo rae

Meet Our Daughter Halo Rae!

I’m so utterly over-the-moon to introduce you to the new addition to our family. Meet our daughter Halo Rae! She was born at home, just after midnight on Friday, March 13. And with her first breath, I was a goner. The eleven days that she’s been with us have been complete bliss—even the moments when […]

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modern nursery decor

Stylish Baby Registry Essentials from buybuy BABY

Disclosure: I partnered with buybuy BABY to create this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that enable me to bring you fresh inspiration daily! Well, we’re here! Officially one week from our due date! These past few months getting ready for baby have been a whirlwind. Even though everyone says you’re never truly ready […]

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freestanding tub

Best Relationship Books for Deeper Connections in 2020

Earlier this month on Instagram, I shared a little about the journey Ivan and I have been on to strengthen our relationship. We’ve always taken a very growth-oriented approach to our marriage, but losing a pregnancy in late 2018 inspired us to go deeper with the work we’d been doing on ourselves as individuals and […]

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kids gift guide

Kids Gift Guide: Lo-Fi Finds for Little Ones

As I’ve been thinking more and more about the kind of mom I want to be, one thing is for sure: I’m absolutely going to be the mom who gets down on the ground and plays with her kids’ toys, even when they’re asleep! From classic toys to new trends, there are so many great […]

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introvert gift guide

Introvert Gift Guide: Little Indulgences for the Homebody

Every year, my favorite gift guide to assemble is my introvert gift guide. Mainly because it’s the one specifically tailored to me! But I’m not the only hard-to-shop-for homebody out there, so I love suggesting ideas for the antisocial types on your list. The truth is, when searching for gifts for her, there’s so many […]

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Becoming a Mom: 3 Things I’m Excited to Do with My Child

This whole “having a baby” thing is starting to feel very real! Not only did our first piece of baby gear arrive last week (an Orbit stroller that’s a zillion times nicer than our car!), but I’ve started feeling baby kick and squirm as her quarters grow increasingly cramped. (I imagine her saying, “Hey, did […]

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rylee and cru lulu and georgia

16 Weeks Pregnant: A Progress Report!

Although I’ve been providing little baby updates on Instagram, I haven’t shared my pregnancy progress here on the blog since first announcing our news! As the first trimester is for many women, my initial three months of pregnancy were pretty tough, and I was forced to slow down from my usual pace considerably. Now that […]

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anne sage pregnant

We’re Having a Baby!

Life is funny, isn’t it? My last post was a bittersweet sendoff to our sweet pup, who we recently said goodbye to. And here, hot on its heels, is an announcement of the impending arrival of a new family member! Yup, as you can tell from this photo, Ivan and I are expecting a baby! He […]

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A Loving Farewell to Our Dog Rambo

This is a hard post to write—because really, what is harder than saying goodbye forever? On Sunday we held our dog Rambo in our arms as he took his last breath. Since that moment, we’ve been in a fog. This is the first major, permanent change that Ivan and I have weathered in the 6 […]

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25 Random Facts About Me!

Last week I inadvertently took the week away from blogging, due to some personal stuff we have on our plate (pet health! people health! general laziness!) It’s always hard to get back into the swing of things after a moment away, so to kickstart myself I figured I’d do something low pressure. I’ve always loved […]

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bullet journaling templates

I Started Bullet Journalling + Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

I’d never heard of bullet journaling until a few weeks ago, but apparently it’s becoming a huge thing! The first mention of it to hit my ears was from my friend Mimi, who is an amazing leadership coach and astrologer. Bullet journaling is one of the tools that she uses to support her clients in […]

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vacation in puglia italy

Ways to Stay in Vacation Mode Even After You Return!

Whenever I get back from time away from home, the adjustment period is always a little rough. Even now, two weeks since coming back from Mexico, I have 120 emails gathering dust in my inbox! It’s especially tricky to re-enter reality when the trip was for leisure. The demands of regular life can make those […]

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